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   Create: 23-Aug-2007 / Last update: 24-Aug-2007


เควสตั้งแต่ 61 ขึ้นไปจะไม่มีตำแหน่งบอกในแมป เลยทำเป็นแนวทางให้ครับ ^^ ถ้ายังสงสัยก็ลองโพสไว้ที่บอร์ดได้ครับ

Level 61   Level 71   Level 81   Level 91
Level 62   Level 72   Level 82   Level 92
Level 63   Level 73   Level 83   Level 93
Level 64   Level 74   Level 84   Level 94
Level 65   Level 75   Level 85   Level 95
Level 66   Level 76   Level 86   Level 96
Level 67   Level 77   Level 87   Level 97
Level 68   Level 78   Level 88   Level 98 Coming Soon
Level 69   Level 79   Level 89    
Level 70   Level 80   Level 90    

สำหรับเลเวล 98 ขึ้นไปยังทำไม่เสร็จนะครับ แต่สามารถไปดูได้ที่ เวปของแคลน InF3RNaLeS (ภาษาอังกฤษ) ได้ตามลิ๊งค์ข้างล่างนี้เลยครับ

ลิ๊งค์ไปยังเว็ป InF3RNaLeS




Aike (Level 97)
A Child Is Crying (Level 76)
ASC Controller (Level 73)
A Union with a Stern Customer (Level 66)
Becoming a Leech (Level 90)
Betrayal (Level 68)
Betrayal (Level 77)
Brothers Are Strong: Slayers (Level 91)
Brothers Are Strong: Warriors (Level 89)
Confrontation with a Traitor (Level 82)
Doubt (Level 61)
He Was the Lord of the Destruction (Level 95)
I Dislike Birds (Level 79)
Meeting in the Seaside Cave (Level 64)
Mystic Blade (Level 71)
Mystic Blade's Suggestion (Level 94)
Patren's Whereabouts (Level 62)
Phantasmal Clan's Card (Level 92)
Prometeus (Level 72)
Prometheus in Pursuit (Level 96)
Rigel (Level 96)
Silverwood's Identity (Level 63)
Sirius in Tears (Level 91)
Sorrow (Level 83)
Soyoung's Laboratory (Level 84)
Tesky's Aid (Level 67)
The 2nd duty of the Companion (Level 97)
The Advent of Destruction (Level 76)
The Ancient City Ruins (Level 74)
The Arrow that Lost Its Master (Level 70)
The Astral Bike (Level 70)
The Beings with Special Names (Level 85)
The Berserk King (Level 88)
The Camp for the Dead (Level 97)
The Clan Master (Level 63)
The Conclave of the Metal Clan (Level 73)
The Dark Clan and the Cabal (Level 70)
The Dark Mage (Level 89)
The Destruction is the Salvation (Level 90)
The Discovery of the Survey Party (Level 62)
The Dream (Level 92)
The Endless Underground Passage (Level 89)
The End of the Wandering (Level 61)
The Enemy Behind the Wall of Ice (Level 80)
The Enemy, Silverwood (Level 78)
The Enraged Ghoul (Level 95)
The Foolish War (Level 95)
The Forgotten Land (Level 94)
The Frozen Tower of the Undead (Level 85)
The Incomplete Succession (Level 85)
The King Killer (Level 97)
The Land of the Metal Clan (Level 68)
The Land of the Undead (Level 80)
The Legacy Hidden in the Tower (Level 84)
The Legendary Clan (Level 91)
The Location of the ASC Core (Level 72)
The Nature of the Wizards Guild (Level 74)
The Old Castle in the Ice (Level 89)
The Past, Patren's Story (Level 87)
The Place for Memory (Level 67)
The Plant Clan and the Wizards (Level 66)
The Protector of the Vampire Castle (Level 96)
The Punishment (Level 90)
The Records of an Old Station (Level 86)
The Red Blade of Calm (Level 87)
The Remnant of the Destruction (Level 93)
The Return of Sirius (Level 79)
The Rituals (Level 86)
The Ruina Station (Level 85)
The Ruins of the Honorable Age (Level 95)
The Steel Alliance (Level 75)
The Third Sage (Level 81)
The Tiny Owner of the Red Jungle (Level 67)
The Tower of Sages, Divide (Level 95)
The Truth of the Seal (Level 95)
The Truth of the Seventh Core (Level 71)
The Truth Told by the Aldebaran (Level 69)
The Unceasing Rain (Level 95)
The Unraveling Plot (Level 79)
The Vampire Rigel (Level 85)
The Weight of the Duty (Level 87)
The Will of the Existence (Level 93)
The Wound (Level 77)
The Wrath of the Shrine Guardian (Level 95)
Too Late to Turn Back (Level 96)
To the Land of the Dead (Level 86)
Veradrix, Rest in Peace (Level 88)
What Naain Saw (Level 84)
What the Child with the Revelation (Level 65)
Where Is Aldebaran (Level 81)
Will Remains as a Fossil (Level 96)
Yuan's Preparations for the End (Level 83)



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